• How to make your life count

    1. BE THE BEST YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE: Put passion, uncommon commitment, skills and the right attitude into whatever positive things you are engaged in. Be 101% committed to making a success out of it. 2. MAKE UP YOUR MIND TO MAKE YOUR LIFE COUNT: Until you make that decision and take practical steps towards its realization, the

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  • Building a Healthy Self-Esteem

    Adesuwa was twenty years old when she got into the university to study computer science. She was from a broken home and a highly dysfunctional background. She had an irresponsible father who denied her the love, care, attention and affection that every young person craves for, due to her father’s bad habits: heavy drinking and extra-marital affairs. After her

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  • How not to make poor decisions while on campus

    Every day on campus, you will be faced with the task of making decisions. While certain decisions might have little or no effect on your overall performance at the end of the day, decisions such as who you associate with, doing and turning in your assignments as and when required, attending classes, obeying the school

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  • It is not enough to pass through school

    It is generally said that “Don’t just pass through school but let school also pass through you”. The purpose of school can basically be put as learning and building the right character. There is a person, a process and a product at the end of the day. It is expected that the person will go

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  • Know Yourself

    As an undergraduate, it is important that you know yourself very well. By that I mean know your SWOT analysis. It is not enough for others to be able to tell who you are, it is imperative that you know who the real you is and take advantage of that personality. Everyone one has a SWOT analysis:

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